Artificial Intelligence is

Disrupting Healthcare

Medicine works. But Healthcare is broken. STUDIOIXORA focuses on game-changing venture-building opportunities where the smart application of artificial intelligence to the healthcare industry can lead to dramatically better ways for our industry to function. The problem with the American Healthcare System is not that we don’t have smart and dedicated professionals, nor the resources to make change happen -- it is that we’re stuck with a broken incentive model that results in an ever-more mis-allocation of resources, contrary to what patients (our customers!) truly need. Moreover, understaffing and overbooking give force antiquated businesses to throttle or ration medicine, resulting in unequal access to care. The problem can only be fixed by thinking beyond the boundary of the present 60+ year-old model. The future of healthcare requires services that are precise, personalized and delivered convenient through tomorrow’s digital channels, in a manner that complements existing care providers.


Artificial intelligence will redefine jobs, industries and what it means to be human. All for the better. A driving force behind STUDIOIXORA and the projects we invest in, is the core belief that artificial intelligence allows us to grow towards our greatest human potential.


From mundane to more meaningful work.

Simple administrative paperwork, the repetition of assembling parts in a factory, a recruiter’s time consumed by screening resumes: Replace all these tasks with AI and there’s room for more challenging duties that stimulate skill sets. Likewise, when self-driving cars become status quo, imagine the time we have to study, brainstorm or even meditate. Another example: When Amazon disrupts product delivery by deploying drones, yes, there will be a shift in patterns of employment, but the key will be to educate and train so people are not left behind, and better yet, thrive.


Smarter minds prevail.

As intelligent as AI is or can be, the human mind, we believe, is always ahead of the game. Despite sci-fi fantasies of monster machines or hyperbolic outcries that automation will lead to the homicide of humanity, our brains will keep inventing and creating. We will continue to let technology enhance our lives, but never outrival the conscious mind.


The future is human.

The philosophy behind Our Amazing Society, a moniker we think best aligns with the promise of the Augmented Age, is built into STUDIOIXORA's DNA. AI is not about replacing humans, but rather, allowing us to harness our humanness, to advance jobs by freeing our minds of mindless duties, to develop new ideas that benefit us all. To do what humans have always done: innovate, pivot, lead.

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Portfolio Companies and


Clara by SkinIQ TM is a revolutionary new product built by SkinIQ, Inc., a STUDIOIXORA portfolio company, which has collaborated with leading dermatologists, cosmeceutical, biopharma and large high-tech companies to bring advice to consumers seeking useful and effective recommendations and products for skin issues, ranging from acne to melanoma. SkinIQ enables consumers to act quickly, avoiding the unnecessary bureaucracy of slow healthcare processes, and empowers medical professional to focus on special situations and truly spend time caring for patients who deserve their focused attention.

SkinIQ, Inc. is proud to be one of the STUDIOIXORA/Franklin Winston companies aspiring to realize the vision of Our Amazing Society TM.

Hubot is changing the game of “intelligent chat” enabling highly available and scalable AI-driven interactions with the same level of intelligence possed by advanced service desks and real-time customer service agencies. With integrations via iMessage, SMS and the Web, is capable of helping any small or medium-sized enterprise quickly assemble and train a very sophisticated and viable capability that will allow the business to service a very large volume of sales and inbound customer support needs. We are presently beta-testing’s capabilities with a few of STUDIOIXORA’s portfolio companies, but we are open to discussing the possibilities of supporting your business too.

We’re thrilled to be deeply involved in leading innovation at the intersection of Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence. Just start a conversation with us and share more about what you’re hoping to do, and see for yourself how STUDIOIXORA works.


Geoff Seyon

With over two decades of experience leading and building impactful technology firms, of which 18 have been in digital health, Geoff Seyon applies his unquenchable vision and entrepreneurial energy to lead STUDIOIXORA’s partners and entrepreneurs. The Silicon Valley–based entrepreneur aims to change an important part of the U.S. healthcare industry. He has the experience and know-how of running large-scale service organizations in the US, UK, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Geoff received his joint bachelor and masters degrees in four years in Computer Science & Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With a concentration in Artificial Intelligence, and a highly entrepreneurial family background, he was a pioneering member of the Catalyst Team, a corporate venture studio effort at Sapient Corporation. Geoff later also received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Upon graduating from business school, he founded Franklin Winston, a precursor to STUDIOIXORA, focused on building a team of global professionals aimed at using the most advanced technologies to disrupt and transform the world’s most important industries. Franklin Winston’s name was derived from Franklin D. Roosevelt, who represents a winning era of Global American Leadership, and Sir Winston Churchill, whose tenacity and steadfastness, was instrumental in keeping the entire Commonwealth focused on the goals at hand.

Franklin Winston invested in, and built, a leading global digital health strategy & software delivery firm which served as STUDIOIXORA’S initial startup studio. In this first decade, the studio team, acquired the largest clients in the healthcare industry with only a very small amount of seed investment, and generating consulting revenue to fund its early efforts to develop a deep understanding of the industry. These early efforts resulted in the launch of some noteworthy digital health industry products and potential industry disruptors in the area of orthopaedic surgery recovery solutions on the iPad, Fitness and Nutrition, incentive-based healthcare insurance applications, and healthcare app portals tied to a range of device and healthplan data feeds.

A technologist at heart, Geoff is once again building alongside the next generation of high-impact leaders to apply tomorrow’s advanced technologies to positively impact the global economy.

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